I love to create new things.

The story of PuroPuro started in 2008 by making unique hats from recycled materials. As a dressmaker I just cannot stop sewing, so the production is still going on.

To deepen my knowledge of wild herbs and berries, I also have a small production of natural products on sale locally.

Unfortunately there is no online shop to buy these products, but don’t hesitate to contact if you are interested.

We are also a part of Muonion LuoTu Oy, a local company producing natural products.


Foraging wild herbs, berries and mushrooms is not only a relaxing hobby for me but also a way to get healthy and nutritious food to prepare during a long winter. The intensive midnight sun makes the herbs and berries here super nutritious and tasty. It also makes the nature grow very fast, so sometimes you even feel it is better to hurry up and collect the winter stock before it’s too late!

PuroPuro produces natural products locally according to the season and what nature provides.

  • Wild salty seasonings

  • Wild herb teas.

  • Creams made out of wild herbs & hemp seed oil.

  • Bathing products, like wild herb salt

  • Wild syrups


Unique summer hats from recycled materials and furry winter hats from hand tanned reindeer leather are available on request.

Contact us

We are happy to custom design you a private holiday the way you want it. Just contact and ask!