The first snow falls usually in October here, and latest November it is there to stay. We simply love to play in the snow. Luckily the white season lasts about half of the year and usually the snow doesn’t melt before May. Green season starts just when the snow has melted and the lakes get free from the ice cover. That’s when it is time to start the canoeing season and change from ski boots to hiking boots. The stunning light from the midnight sun makes the nature grow super fast and creates awesome wild herbs, berries and mushrooms to pick and store over the next winter.

PuroPuro organises activities during the summer and winter, such as canoeing, foraging for wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing. Check our suggestions for guided tours in Green season and White season. We are also happy to custom design you a private holiday just the way you want it. Co-operating with other guiding companies, reindeer and husky programs can also be included in your private program as well as accommodation. Let us tailor you a unique stay and have the best time ever!

All our tours are made in small groups, max 5 participants. Bigger groups will always have a private tour.


June to September

Midnight sun, peaceful surroundings. A lot to discover.


November to April

Dive into a quiet and mystic winter wonderland.

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We are happy to custom design you a private holiday the way you want it. Just contact and ask!