PuroPuro is a small company in Finnish Lapland, Muonio. It’s the way for me to live life- following my passions and being able to share them with others.

Being born in Helsinki, southern Finland, and having travelled across Europe many times, I later found myself more attracted to the northern lifestyle- surrounded by nature with eight seasons; enjoying the outdoors by picking herbs, berries and mushrooms, skiing, canoeing, staring at the campfire or millions of stars and just wandering around enjoying the beauty of life. I moved to Muonio, western part of Finnish Lapland, in 2008, where I graduated as a wilderness and National Park guide, nature product advisor and ski instructor. I have been working as a guide ever since. I live in a small village next to Pallas and Ylläs National Park with my partner, our two children and two reindeer herding dogs.

My aim is to meet people and share with them real, memorable experiences by showing the everyday life here in Lapland, which follows the seasons and weather. I think being honest, hearty and real creates the best experiences.

The story of PuroPuro actually started with another passion of mine as a tailor creating unique PuroPuro hats from recycled materials. That’s how I enjoy the “bad weather” days! And as I love to pick wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, I also have a small production of wild herb and berry products.

The name PuroPuro is made from the combination of the Spanish word ‘puro’ meaning pure and the Finnish word ‘puro’ meaning stream… creating out in English to be ‘Pure Stream’.

Kaisa Salo


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